Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Blessings

My daughter and I attended the Priscilla Shirer simulcast this weekend.  No one knows the joy of taking their daughter to a Christian women's event until they have been there.  I am so excited to see how God will use this in her life. 

Another blessing that God has given me over and over is how He confirms His Word and His work in so many ways.  A few days ago, I wrote my first blog in response to a contest.  My purpose was to give God a chance to send me to the She Speaks conference in NC if that was something He desired for me.  Sort of a fleece like Gideon used you might say.  The message of that blog was contentment, one close to my heart as of late.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a passion for speaking and for sharing the truth and application of God's Word.  But I've come to terms with the reality that that is not what God has for me right now (with the exception of my Children's Ministry teaching once a month - which I love.)  Anyway, the responses to my first blog taught me a whole new lesson.  Don't you love when God uses one desire to birth a whole different plan.  My sweet friends' comments taught me that I CAN minister to women here and now through this blog.  It may only be for a few of my dear friends and family, or it may become more than that.  The cool thing is that God is still able to use me, He just provided a different kind of stage.  And on top of that, He continues to reinforce the contentment issue with me.  Today I read Priscilla Shirer's post for the month of April and this sentence rang out.
"Contentment wasn't some unique gift the apostle Paul had been given.  It wasn't an automatic facet of his personality.  It was a skill he had chosen and adopted..." 

Then Priscilla quoted the same verse that I had posted a few days ago... Philippians 4:11.  Isn't that how God works?  He gently and lovingly reminds us of the truths He is using to shape us at any given moment, as if to say, "You're on the right track." 

Thank you Father,
Thank you Priscilla,
and Thanks to my dear friends who posted.


  1. I love how God can't put Him in a box. Waiting expectantly to see THIS story unfold...Love you!

  2. Update: I didn't win a scholarship, but I'm excited about this blog that God lead me to start. I can't wait to see where He takes me next!